Egyptian Holocaust

“The term Muslim Brotherhood is an umbrella term for a variety of movements. In the case of Egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried al-Qaeda as a perversion of Islam,”   Congress and the American people need not fear a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt. Not when, as Clapper said, “They have pursued social ends, a betterment of the political order in Egypt.”  Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told a congressional hearing on February 10, 2011.  Mubarak was one day away from resigning, under pressure from Washington, paving the way for a Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt.

While Obama and his administration were pushing for the “very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence” Muslim Brotherhood to take power in Egypt we had other politicians screaming from the roof tops that the Brotherhood is nothing more than a terrorist group that will not only ruin Egypt but be a haven for more terrorist groups.  Republican Senator Mark Kirk spoke out against the Brotherhood almost immediately when it appeared the Obama administration was pushing for them. “With so much at stake in the Middle East, Americans must be clear-eyed about the Muslim Brotherhood and its radical Islamic agenda with a pledge of jihad against the West and the State of Israel. We must heed growing warnings about the Muslim Brotherhood, their leaders and plans for taking Egypt back to the 13th century. We have seen this movie before – in Iran, in Lebanon and in Gaza. To prevent a strategic reversal on the scale of what happened in Iran, the United States and her allies should do all it can to support Egypt’s army and secular leaders, ensuring no future for the Muslim Brotherhood.” (February 3, 2011) 

Even as 17 million Egyptians stormed their streets over the last few months protesting the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama stood steadfastly behind the Brotherhood.  It did not matter to Obama that the Brotherhood and its leader  Mr. Morsi issued constitutional amendments that placed him above judicial oversight .  Or that Mr. Morsi  decreed immunity for the Islamist-dominated panel drafting a new constitution from any possible court decisions to dissolve  his new constitution.  Mr. Obama and his administration even waived civil rights requirements in Egypt  in order to give $1.5 BILLION  to Mr. Morsi and his government.   One may ask what are these rights that foreign countries must “pass” in order to receive aid from the United States.   Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended in 1984: reads in part, “[n]o assistance may be provided under this part to the government of any country which engages in a consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights.” Since the Muslim Brotherhood “has consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights” they are not entitled to money under our laws.  However, no problem for our president Obama; he simply snaps his fingers and !!!POOF!!! that pesky law is waived and the Brotherhood can keep on with their murdering ways while being funded by you and I the American taxpayer.

But now the murdering has started in earnest by the Muslim Brotherhood.  Obama stood by this group of thugs before but now, when things are looking bad, Obama says “America cannot determine the future of Egypt, that’s a task for the Egyptian people,” Obama said. “We don’t take sides.”  WOW!! Obama says “we don’t take sides” with the factions fighting in Egypt!  Really, Mr. President?  You sided with the Brotherhood for the last two years!!  What is really sickening in this entire episode is Obama doing NOTHING now as the “heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence” is targeting and murdering Coptic Christians!!

Obama is silent, his administration is silent, the old media is silent as the “new” holocaust has started in Egypt!  Where is the media?  Why are they afraid to show Christians being the victims?   Does the victimization of Christians not fit in with their agenda?  Our “leaders” and the old media are so pro Muslim that they are afraid to show the Muslim in ANY negative light.  For some reason the left has decided to make the Muslim its new poster child and to hell with anyone that gets in their way.  Can you imagine the outrage by the old media and by the president if Coptic Christians were burning mosques and murdering 13 year old girls simply because they were walking in the street?  To make it worse,  a group of by-standers was cheering for the murder of the little girl?  I believe if the Coptic Christians were doing this Obama would have sent in troops!  But no,  Obama’s U.S. ambassador to Egypt, Ms. Patterson is  trying to prevent Egyptians from protesting—including the Coptics. The June 18 edition of Sadi al-Balad reports that lawyer Ramses Naggar, the Coptic Church’s legal counsel, said that during Patterson’s meeting with Pope Tawadros (leader of the Coptic Church), she “asked him to urge the Copts not to participate” in the demonstrations against Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Obama has not cared  that the human rights abuses Egypt’s Coptic Christians have been suffering under Muslim Brotherhood rule are significantly worse than the human rights abuses that the average Egyptian suffered under Mubarak.

I am saddened and sickened that our country sits silently while the Muslim Brotherhood is exterminating Christians in Egypt.  It is the armed forces fighting to oust the Brotherhood but the Brotherhood shows once again that terrorists are nothing more than bullies and cowards.  They are murdering unarmed civilians for nothing more than being a Christian.  They are attacking churches while they hold services.  This sick group of animals is literally murdering children in the streets!  Where is the almighty United Nations that becomes so outraged over the death of a Muslim?  Where are all the nations that said “Never Again” in respect to the extermination of a group of people because of their religion?  Once again we witness the world bow to the pressure of terrorism.  Egyptians wanted democracy and the terrorist Brotherhood gave them  terror.  17 Million Egyptians  said NO!! Now the world watches while a small group of terrorists holds Egypt hostage and sits by as this group systematically targets and murders Christians.  If Obama and the media will not speak out each one of us MUST.  As Glenn Beck put it so well, “Put your differences aside. What do you say we work together for the freedom of mankind? What do you say we work together so evil does not sweep the Earth…Please, I’m begging you, stand together. Because the hour grows late. And if you don’t wake up to the hatred soon, it will be too late to stand with anyone.”   The clock is ticking…


Obama the Clown

Recently the left has been outraged over the rodeo clown who wore a mask of Obama while performing.  The crowd loved it; the left is crying about it. The NAACP is asking the Department of Justice to investigate the clown, others on the left are asking the Secret Service to investigate the clown.  The clown has been banned for life from any further rodeos put on by this particular rodeo company!  Did you ever think that in the United States wearing a mask of a president  would cause this reaction?  This is not America!!  The left is trying to make Obama royalty by making it next to illegal to make fun of the king!  This is as bad as muslims when they riot over spoofs of Mohammed!  The left is also saying a US president should not be mocked or disrespected.  Really?

If you will look back 10 years ago and think of President Bush.  The left made a film (they said it was a documentary) on the assassination of Bush.  The left called it art and the filmmakers were never investigated nor did they lose their jobs.

Or In the 2004 novella “Checkpoint,” author Nicholson Baker depicted a conversation between two men planning to assassinate Bush. “He’s one dead armadillo,” says one character, speaking of the president. The Washington Post was impressed by the book’s “fanciful flourishes and fierce, furious fits of anger.” Baker was not banned from anything and is still writing and being published today.

The left must have forgotten depictions of Bush as a chimpanzee, in particular, were common on the Internet during those years. And not unheard of on television. In October 2009, after Bush left office HBO’s Bill Maher said on his program “Real Time,” that, “Barack Obama, an actual college professor, replaced George Bush, an actual chimp.” Maher was not banned from HBO; he is still the host of the program.

Let’s look at the left’s disrespect and ridicule, in 2007, TV newswoman Erin Burnett, who then worked for MSNBC, repeatedly referred to Bush as a “monkey” during a report on an economic summit. Burnett, who later apologized, was not banned from television; she is now a prime-time anchor on CNN.  Either the left thinks calling a sitting president a “monkey” is not disrespectful or they are hypocrites!!  Can you imagine what would happen if a FOX news person were to call Obama a “monkey?”  I think we all know the left is nothing but hypocritical in just about everything they do or say.

AND THE VERY SAME ACT IN 1994, the case of a rodeo clown wearing a mask of George H.W. Bush and noted that a contemporary account in The Philadelphia Inquirer closely resembled press accounts of the Missouri sketch.
“The big white gate flew open. The bull came out bucking. The rider flopped from side to side and the bullfighters held back, letting the bull make his moves until the rider dropped off. Licciardello crouched in a heavily padded barrel, a human target should the bull decide to charge. Hawkins waited near the barrel, holding his big inner tube. A dummy with a George Bush mask stood beside the clown, propped up by a broomstick,” wrote Douglas A. Campbell of The Inquirer at the time.  Remember how outraged the left was over this disrespectful incident of a sitting president?  No?  You don’t remember it because there was no outrage.  That is the point; the conservatives of this nation understand free speech and the left ONLY believes in “free speech” when they agree with it.

Anyone who believes in free speech has to stand up and support this rodeo clown.  Even if you do not like with what he did, he still has the right to do it in the United States!  The left is trying to shut down OUR free speech because they are afraid.  They are afraid people are waking up and the left cannot allow that.  They are doing everything they can to shut discussions down; they are afraid of people like us who will no longer keep our mouths shut.  We cannot allow the left to try and intimidate us or distract us by calling us “racist” for speaking out about Obama and his policies and actions.

‘I know I’m a clown, Obama just running around acting like one, doesn’t know he is one’…  That says it all!!Image

Who are the Racists?

Recently President Obama signed an executive order titled the “African American Education Initiative.”  Without going into too much detail, this executive order is giving a green light for black students to misbehave in public schools.   In two places, this order calls on schools to reduce the number disciplinary actions taken against blacks students. The order specifically calls on schools too “not rely on methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools.”  What exactly are “methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools?”  “What this means is that whites and Asians will get suspended for things that blacks don’t get suspended for,” because school officials will try to level punishments despite groups’ different infraction rates, predicted Hans Bader, a counsel at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Bader is a former official in the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, and has sued and represented school districts and colleges in civil-rights cases.

In Maryland, the school is jumping on this band wagon quickly.  “The state’s board of education established a policy demanding that each racial or ethnic group receive roughly proportional level of school penalties, regardless of the behavior by members of each group.”  (Washington Post July 25).

Is this just another example of Obama and his administration resurrecting racism like back in the 60″s with whites being the targets?  How is this even fair to anyone (including black students)?    Does Obama even care about WHY there is such a disparity?  My answer is NO!!  If he cared why, he would look to do something to fix the problems.  The FBI keeps statistics and as we know, statistics are facts; they are a snapshot of what is going on in the world.  Statistics are not suppositions, they are not guesses, they are truths based on things that happen.  In the high school, regarding bad behavior or students doing things that cause them to get into trouble, the US Dept of Justice Bureau of Statistics shows black students are 5 times more likely to misbehave in school than any other racial group.  Therefore, they are 5 times more likely to be punished for their bad behavior.  But here comes Obama, he does not want to curtail the bad behavior, he wants to stop the punishment.  Not only that, he wants to make sure blacks are not punished any mor frequently than WASPs, Hispanics, Asians, etc even though blacks do 5 times more bad things than anyone else.  Obama has now instituted a new racial quota; punishment for bad behavior.  Everyone will be punished the same and those blacks that commit more crimes will get off free when the quota has been reached!!  This is Obama at his worst again!

Obama has a history of racism; he seems to really hate white people along with protestant people.  Look at his reign:

  • – refusal to prosecute black panthers for voter intimidation
  • police acted stupidly   (white police officers) for arresting a black professor who was not complying with police orders to figure out a situation
  • his grandmother acted like a typical white person
  • white people are satisfied as long as blacks smile and act nicely
  • U.S. government shortchanged Hurricane Katrina victims because of racism.
  • small town Americans/Pennsylvanians that they are bitter and they cling to their guns, and are religious zealots. They are antipathetic to illegal aliens and anti-trade because they are bitter in their lives.
  • Tea party members are domestic terrorists

I could fill pages with Obama’s racist remarks and his anti Christian anti conservative remarks.  Obama ran saying he was a uniter and was going to show race meant nothing; he lied.  Obama has used nothing but racism and fear mongering against citizens who do not agree with him.  Obama also was going to unite all the countries of the world claiming Bush destroyed Americas credibility with the world.  We now see the world hates Obama and considers him a weal and ineffectual president who if he does not get his way he stomps his feet like a spoiled child.  we see Obama giving radical muslims billions of our tax dollars while making sure conservative groups are “harassed” by the IRS.

If you look at the anatomy of a racist you see Obama is a racist.  The four points below are what all racists have in common.

1) They don’t see people as individuals. They see people as groups only. (Obama, the police act stupidly. Noy one police officer but police and he has said police act stupidly or criticized police in general on other occasions)

2) They are unable to judge a situation fairly or objectively. (Trayvon Martin for example.  Obama gives a speech after the verdict saying Trayvon could have been him 35 years ago. Obama did not care about the proof laid out in the trial, he did not care about the facts of the case, no, he just saw it as a black kid killed by a white who was really hispanic. No fair or objective judgment by Obama in this case and others)

3) They seek power by creating conflict and dividing people for personal gain. (Obama is obviously a divider.  He talks about conservatives being the “enemy”.  His latest order, singling out blacks for disparate treatment is only going to gain him influence with the left.  His administration “never lets a crisis go to waste.” He invites black muslim radicals to  the White House yet refuses to invite tea party members.)

4) Racists usually hate the Jews, whether they’re black or white, they’ll unite on their hatred for the Jews. (Obama and Israel is a no brainer.  he has “ordered” Israel to return the borders to pre 1967 even though Israel gained that lad by beating the Arabs that attacked them!!  Obama always blames Israel for any negative happenings in that area.  If Israel is attacked by rockets Obama will hint Israel might have deserved it if they had not …  Obama has told others he cannot stand the Israeli prime minister and Obama is eager to give weapons to all of Israels enemies)

Obama is a radical muslim who has shown his hate and dislike to many American citizens and is quite willing to allow this country to go down the tubes to teach the white conservatives a lesson. He is the worst president this country or maybe ANY country has ever seen.  he literally is destroying this country with debt , amnesty and Obamacare.  he ignores the wishes of the vast majority on many crucial issues and thumbs his nose at us all with his myriad of royalty like vacations.  He lies to us and the press or congress does nothing.  I am beginning to believe Obama is one of the anti Christs.  I truly believe him to be evil and heartless and hope our Congress will step up soon and start impeachment proceedings on him for his crimes against this country.