Where is the Left for this Man?

‘A NIGHTMARE’: MAN PLEADS GUILTY TO KILLING UNBORN BABY BY TRICKING GIRLFRIEND INTO TAKING ABORTION PILL” This is the headline for John Andrew Welden, 28, a young man who gave his pregnant girlfriend an abortion pill without her consent or knowledge.  This “man” is being charged under the federal statute, the “Protection of Unborn Children Act” for murdering the unborn child.  This statute defines the term “unborn child” as:

“a child in utero, and the term “child in utero” or “child, who is in utero” means a member of the species homo sapiens, at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb.” 18 USC 1841(d)

I am wondering where is the pro abortion crowd?  Why are they not coming to the defense of this “man?”  The pro abortion crowd has been saying for decades a pregnant woman is carrying a fetus or just a “bunch of cells.”  Or the unborn is simply a “non-autonomous entity” or even if some admit it is a “life” they still say it is “a life worth sacrificing” if the carrier wants to kill “it.”  But if a woman can choose to terminate this “bunch of cells” or the “fetus” without it being murder, why cannot the father make this same unilateral decision?  Because it is not in his body?  Being in someone’s body is what gives someone the power to commit legal murder?  How is that “equal rights” for the person who fathered the child?  I thought the left was all about equality?  Or is it only for “equality” for some people and not others?  

If the pro abortion crowd where consistent they would be raising money to defend this man against the charge of murder.  They would be protesting a law that gives the unborn any protection against murder.  They would be pointing out that either the unborn child has laws to protect them or they do not.  How come the murdered child in this particular case is afforded federal protections against murder but the same child, if murdered by a doctor, would have no rights?  How can the pro abortion crowd put up with this hypocrisy?  How can they let a male be charged with murder for doing nothing different than a woman who took the abortion pill willingly?  Sure, I can see charging him with assaulting the woman and one would think the pro abortionists would be demanding this charge and not murder.  The left thinks there is great damage being done to their children if they hear other children say “one nation under God” in school so to protect them from this they are trying to stop all children from saying it.  Yet they will not try to help a fellow pro abortionist defend himself against a charge of murder for aborting a child without the carriers permission?

Once again we see how incredibly easy it is for one to be a progressive/pro abortionist; you never need to stand up for anything.  As long as you can do what you want to hell with anyone else.  Aborting the unborn is not murder if done under the “right” circumstances but aborting under another circumstance it is murder.  The unborn is not a human being yet is a human being in other circumstances.  Killing the bunch of cells is okay sometimes but other times that same bunch of cells is afforded federal protections.  Pro abortionists want safe abortions but protest when abortion clinics are mandated to follow guidelines making them safer for the carrier.  In Houston, a carrier of a child decided she wanted an abortion and induced herself and the baby was expelled and she threw “it” away.  She may be charged with murder if they find she threw the baby away and it was breathing!?  What?  She legally aborted a child but because it might not have been performed correctly she is suddenly a murderer.  The left hypocrisy at its best.  

I guess what can we expect from a nation that has said it is okay to murder an unborn child for certain people but not okay for others.  Just like the left was against getting rid of a dictator who we know raped, gassed, murdered hundreds of thousands of his own citizens but they are now supporting  going after a dictator who MAY have gassed up to 1000 people.  The same left who will go after this dictator turns their back on the thousands of Christian children being murdered, tortured and harassed in Egypt.  The left/progressives show us over and over they have no moral compass or any compass at all for that matter.  Their map is what is good for them right now and to hell with those that get caught up in the hypocrisy of their actions and laws.