Obama’s Great Changes

With the open border Obama is bringing some more changes we NEVER expected, right leftists?  Wow!!  What a “man” you elected!  According to Dr. Elizabeth Vliet, he is bringing things like tuberculosis (TB), Chagas disease, dengue fever, hepatitis, malaria, measles, plus more. WHAT A GUY!!!

Lucky we have Obamacare to take care of these new citizens. Since Obamacare does not cost the USA anything and, in fact, will probably even make money for the USA with all of these new patients! The leftists have told us Obamacare is cost neutral but with this onslaught of new patients, we can expect the coffers of the US gov’t will soon be over-flowing with money because of all of these new tax-paying citizens. Thank you Mr. Obama for saving this great nation!  WHAT A GUY!!

Soon we will be competing with the African countries for the new Obama game called “Which Country can have the Most Newborns Die from Disease?” Obama will get the USA into the record books somehow, right leftists? Ii think the USA, under Obama, may be a lock to beat Africa in the new Obama game. Thank you for electing such a wise and generous dictator! Think of all the “fat” little 2 year olds we will soon have running around in no clothes with great big bellies from all the lack of food they will have! Hey, maybe we can re-institute the TB asylums like we used to have in the early 1800’s!! Obama certainly is changing this country!!  WHAT A GUY!!

Why stop with the borders, right Mr. Obama??!!  We have just learned that the biggest, baddest, most powerful agency in the WORLD JUST HAD THE DOG EAT ITS HOMEWORK!!  That’s right!!  When the Congress of the USA (the one that can declare war on any country AND use its military to wipe a country off the face of the Earth) ordered the IRS to turn over some emails, guess what?  the IRS said “Ummm, sorry, we lost them, our computer crashed.”  That’s right!!  The agency that took in over one and a half TRILLION dollars last year, forgot to back up its computers and lost emails they were ordered to produce! WOW!! What a great excuse!! Why didn’t all of those audited companies and individuals think of that when the IRS ordered them  to turn over their hard drives and records?  All they had to do was say “sorry, I lost all of that stuff” and they would have been good!  I tell you, Obama and his regime is sure making some changes!! from now on, when the IRS comes knocking, we can say sorry, lost it ALL!  WOW!!! WHAT A  GUY!

But, let’s NOT stop with just these couple of great examples of great changes by the regime! NO!! There are LOADS more!  How about the next time you find yourself in some kind of legal problem…say, the gun you were carrying just happened to go off accidentally (we know how often that happens right leftists? You keep telling us about evil guns like they are alive, well ARE alive I mean, sorry) and someone is killed.  Your excuse? What does it matter, it is done already?  They would have died eventually anyway so what is the big deal, right?  Here, look how this works. The Obama regime and just pulled this one out of their hats at the murder of four Americans in Benghazi (THAT IS quick kthinking on their part, don’t you think?  Just like that, BOOM!!).  The regime KNEW what was happening, knew it was going to happen and refused to do anything to stop it or help our citizens.  Obama told us it was all because of a nasty video (another good excuse for you kids still in school, OR even for you in those nice leftists colleges, blame your lack of homework on the video you HAD to watch) and they “caught” the guy who made the video and threw him in jail!  WHEW!! That was sooo fast how they caught that guy.  When the person in charge of our embassies was questioned by Congress about the murders and Congress said they knew it was not a video that caused the murders, Mrs. Clinton (the person in charg, thank allah) did not want to deal with the trivial  whys or hows or how comes.  NO!! She put those congressmen in their place and told them “WHAT DOES IT MATTER HOW THEY DIED” That’s right Mrs. C!!!  After all, they would have died sometime in some way at some place so Benghazi was as good as any!!  In fact, we should probably be thankful for these four murdered Americans.  That’s right, thankful.  If not for Obama et. al. these four would still be alive just wondering “how long will I live?” “How will I die?”  “Will I live a long healthy life or get cancer?”  Now, NONE of them have to worry about ANY of that stuff!!  Boy, I hope Mrs. C is our next president!!  With her logic this country may even be able to out do what Obama has done!!  Wouldn’t that be something!!  I think the excuse given to us to use “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE, IT IS DONE ALREADY” deserves a big THANK YOU to Obama AND Mrs. C!! WHAT A COUPLE OF GREAT GUYS!!

I could go on and on with some more really great things the Obama regime has done for this country but I will leave it with the above examples.  Feel free to use their excuses for ANYTHING that you have done but refuse to accept responsibility for.  Why take responsibility when you can blame someone else?  Which leaves me with one more thought, if all else fails and no one will buy your excuse, BLAME BUSH!!