Obama’s Great Changes

With the open border Obama is bringing some more changes we NEVER expected, right leftists?  Wow!!  What a “man” you elected!  According to Dr. Elizabeth Vliet, he is bringing things like tuberculosis (TB), Chagas disease, dengue fever, hepatitis, malaria, measles, plus more. WHAT A GUY!!!

Lucky we have Obamacare to take care of these new citizens. Since Obamacare does not cost the USA anything and, in fact, will probably even make money for the USA with all of these new patients! The leftists have told us Obamacare is cost neutral but with this onslaught of new patients, we can expect the coffers of the US gov’t will soon be over-flowing with money because of all of these new tax-paying citizens. Thank you Mr. Obama for saving this great nation!  WHAT A GUY!!

Soon we will be competing with the African countries for the new Obama game called “Which Country can have the Most Newborns Die from Disease?” Obama will get the USA into the record books somehow, right leftists? Ii think the USA, under Obama, may be a lock to beat Africa in the new Obama game. Thank you for electing such a wise and generous dictator! Think of all the “fat” little 2 year olds we will soon have running around in no clothes with great big bellies from all the lack of food they will have! Hey, maybe we can re-institute the TB asylums like we used to have in the early 1800’s!! Obama certainly is changing this country!!  WHAT A GUY!!

Why stop with the borders, right Mr. Obama??!!  We have just learned that the biggest, baddest, most powerful agency in the WORLD JUST HAD THE DOG EAT ITS HOMEWORK!!  That’s right!!  When the Congress of the USA (the one that can declare war on any country AND use its military to wipe a country off the face of the Earth) ordered the IRS to turn over some emails, guess what?  the IRS said “Ummm, sorry, we lost them, our computer crashed.”  That’s right!!  The agency that took in over one and a half TRILLION dollars last year, forgot to back up its computers and lost emails they were ordered to produce! WOW!! What a great excuse!! Why didn’t all of those audited companies and individuals think of that when the IRS ordered them  to turn over their hard drives and records?  All they had to do was say “sorry, I lost all of that stuff” and they would have been good!  I tell you, Obama and his regime is sure making some changes!! from now on, when the IRS comes knocking, we can say sorry, lost it ALL!  WOW!!! WHAT A  GUY!

But, let’s NOT stop with just these couple of great examples of great changes by the regime! NO!! There are LOADS more!  How about the next time you find yourself in some kind of legal problem…say, the gun you were carrying just happened to go off accidentally (we know how often that happens right leftists? You keep telling us about evil guns like they are alive, well ARE alive I mean, sorry) and someone is killed.  Your excuse? What does it matter, it is done already?  They would have died eventually anyway so what is the big deal, right?  Here, look how this works. The Obama regime and just pulled this one out of their hats at the murder of four Americans in Benghazi (THAT IS quick kthinking on their part, don’t you think?  Just like that, BOOM!!).  The regime KNEW what was happening, knew it was going to happen and refused to do anything to stop it or help our citizens.  Obama told us it was all because of a nasty video (another good excuse for you kids still in school, OR even for you in those nice leftists colleges, blame your lack of homework on the video you HAD to watch) and they “caught” the guy who made the video and threw him in jail!  WHEW!! That was sooo fast how they caught that guy.  When the person in charge of our embassies was questioned by Congress about the murders and Congress said they knew it was not a video that caused the murders, Mrs. Clinton (the person in charg, thank allah) did not want to deal with the trivial  whys or hows or how comes.  NO!! She put those congressmen in their place and told them “WHAT DOES IT MATTER HOW THEY DIED” That’s right Mrs. C!!!  After all, they would have died sometime in some way at some place so Benghazi was as good as any!!  In fact, we should probably be thankful for these four murdered Americans.  That’s right, thankful.  If not for Obama et. al. these four would still be alive just wondering “how long will I live?” “How will I die?”  “Will I live a long healthy life or get cancer?”  Now, NONE of them have to worry about ANY of that stuff!!  Boy, I hope Mrs. C is our next president!!  With her logic this country may even be able to out do what Obama has done!!  Wouldn’t that be something!!  I think the excuse given to us to use “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE, IT IS DONE ALREADY” deserves a big THANK YOU to Obama AND Mrs. C!! WHAT A COUPLE OF GREAT GUYS!!

I could go on and on with some more really great things the Obama regime has done for this country but I will leave it with the above examples.  Feel free to use their excuses for ANYTHING that you have done but refuse to accept responsibility for.  Why take responsibility when you can blame someone else?  Which leaves me with one more thought, if all else fails and no one will buy your excuse, BLAME BUSH!!


The Logic of the Left

I ask my self quite frequently, “are people on the left really so blind they fail to see how illogical they are?”  One of the latest examples of the left’s lack of logic is the outcry and “forced” resignation of Firefox CEO for donating $1,000 to a traditional marriage cause in 2008. Yes, he was basically forced out of his position in 2014 for giving $1,000 to a cause in 2008.  Compare this to at the very same time in 2008, President Obama was giving speeches about same sex marriage vs. traditional marriage and Obama said on many occasions “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman .  I am not in favor of gay marriage.”   I ask you, why no outrage from the left gestapo over Obama and why is the same gestapo group not going after him?  The ONLY answer that makes sense; the left has no logic.

“Logic  has two meanings: first, it describes the use of valid reasoning ; second, it names the normative study of reasoning or a branch thereof.”  When one looks at the left’s actions in the above referenced example, there appears to be no “use of valid reasoning.”  In fact, there is no sense of anything in the actions of the left in the above example.  In fact, it would be correct to say the left used no reasoning of any kind when they attack one person for his actions but praise the another person who holds the exact same sentiment as the person the left attacked.  

You say that is only one example.  maybe the left is only illogical when it comes to gay marriage.  Well let’s see if there is any other times the left shows their illogical side.  How about late-term abortion?  The left is all for late term abortions.  They do not care a child is viable during a late term abortion, in fact, they do not care about the life of the child who is sentenced to death in a later term abortion.  However, the left’s argument for gun control is a law should be passed “even if it saves one child’s life.”  Take a look at the left’s Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.).  She is opposed legislation to ban late-term abortions after 20 weeks — even if it would “save one life.”  However, she is in favor of restricting guns to law abiding citizens if it will ‘save the life of one child.”  I guess she is only in favor of a child’s life if it is threatened by a gun but does not care if that same child’s life is threatened by a scissors to the skull.  Logical?  No.  There is again, a lack of “valid reasoning.”  

Well, you say, that is only two examples.  maybe the left just has those two things that do not make sense.  No, take a look at the Patriot Act.  The left, especially senator Obama,  opposed everything about it when President Bush enacted it.  It was “unconstitutional,” “un-American,” “illega;,” etc etc etc.  However, when President Obama made the Patriot Act even more liberal the left loved it!!  It was “needed,” “a great weapon against terror,” “a necessary weapon,” etc etc etc.  Logic?  Reasoning? No and no.  Then we could look at the deficit.  senator Obama said it was “un-American when President Bush’s deficit hit $8 trillion.  Senator Obama said about the debt then, it was a “reckless fiscal policies”, and a sign of “leadership failure”.  He also said “America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit.”  WOW!! This is the guy we want for president!!  He will lower the debt and show some real leadership??!!  Nope.  Instead, President Obama has, in his six years as president, increased the debt more than ALL presidents combined!!  That is, he has increased the debt more in six years than all presidents since Washington!!  What does Obama say about that? Obama HAS to spend that much top “protect the full faith and credit of the United States.”  This is from the same man who said if you elect him he will not put “the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren.”  WOW!!! Somehow quadrupling the debt is not putting the burden of the debt on the back of “our children and grandchildren.” Logic?  Reasoning?  No and no.

So fellow citizens, why do people keep putting these illogical and non-reasoning people in government positions?  Using logic and reasoning the only answer is…the voters of the left have no logic and reasoning skills.  They believe anything that comes out of the mouth from a person with a “D” after his/her name.  When a person acquires logic and reasoning skills they inevitably become conservatives.  

Where is the Left for this Man?

‘A NIGHTMARE’: MAN PLEADS GUILTY TO KILLING UNBORN BABY BY TRICKING GIRLFRIEND INTO TAKING ABORTION PILL” This is the headline for John Andrew Welden, 28, a young man who gave his pregnant girlfriend an abortion pill without her consent or knowledge.  This “man” is being charged under the federal statute, the “Protection of Unborn Children Act” for murdering the unborn child.  This statute defines the term “unborn child” as:

“a child in utero, and the term “child in utero” or “child, who is in utero” means a member of the species homo sapiens, at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb.” 18 USC 1841(d)

I am wondering where is the pro abortion crowd?  Why are they not coming to the defense of this “man?”  The pro abortion crowd has been saying for decades a pregnant woman is carrying a fetus or just a “bunch of cells.”  Or the unborn is simply a “non-autonomous entity” or even if some admit it is a “life” they still say it is “a life worth sacrificing” if the carrier wants to kill “it.”  But if a woman can choose to terminate this “bunch of cells” or the “fetus” without it being murder, why cannot the father make this same unilateral decision?  Because it is not in his body?  Being in someone’s body is what gives someone the power to commit legal murder?  How is that “equal rights” for the person who fathered the child?  I thought the left was all about equality?  Or is it only for “equality” for some people and not others?  

If the pro abortion crowd where consistent they would be raising money to defend this man against the charge of murder.  They would be protesting a law that gives the unborn any protection against murder.  They would be pointing out that either the unborn child has laws to protect them or they do not.  How come the murdered child in this particular case is afforded federal protections against murder but the same child, if murdered by a doctor, would have no rights?  How can the pro abortion crowd put up with this hypocrisy?  How can they let a male be charged with murder for doing nothing different than a woman who took the abortion pill willingly?  Sure, I can see charging him with assaulting the woman and one would think the pro abortionists would be demanding this charge and not murder.  The left thinks there is great damage being done to their children if they hear other children say “one nation under God” in school so to protect them from this they are trying to stop all children from saying it.  Yet they will not try to help a fellow pro abortionist defend himself against a charge of murder for aborting a child without the carriers permission?

Once again we see how incredibly easy it is for one to be a progressive/pro abortionist; you never need to stand up for anything.  As long as you can do what you want to hell with anyone else.  Aborting the unborn is not murder if done under the “right” circumstances but aborting under another circumstance it is murder.  The unborn is not a human being yet is a human being in other circumstances.  Killing the bunch of cells is okay sometimes but other times that same bunch of cells is afforded federal protections.  Pro abortionists want safe abortions but protest when abortion clinics are mandated to follow guidelines making them safer for the carrier.  In Houston, a carrier of a child decided she wanted an abortion and induced herself and the baby was expelled and she threw “it” away.  She may be charged with murder if they find she threw the baby away and it was breathing!?  What?  She legally aborted a child but because it might not have been performed correctly she is suddenly a murderer.  The left hypocrisy at its best.  

I guess what can we expect from a nation that has said it is okay to murder an unborn child for certain people but not okay for others.  Just like the left was against getting rid of a dictator who we know raped, gassed, murdered hundreds of thousands of his own citizens but they are now supporting  going after a dictator who MAY have gassed up to 1000 people.  The same left who will go after this dictator turns their back on the thousands of Christian children being murdered, tortured and harassed in Egypt.  The left/progressives show us over and over they have no moral compass or any compass at all for that matter.  Their map is what is good for them right now and to hell with those that get caught up in the hypocrisy of their actions and laws.